Popular Music Project

Without You (David Guetta & Usher

Without You! My interpretation and cover of this song is that this is a tribute to that special someone in your life. It is an admission that life would be so different without him. What would I do without her? I’d flounder. This is not discounting God’s grace and provision. Rather it says that apart from God’s…

Titanium (David Guetta) and Peace Before the Storm

Todd’s latest pop song cover is Titanium by David Guetta originally featuring Sia.  This includes an introduction written by Todd entitled Peace Before the Storm. All sounds generated from Yamaha Motif XF6 except for drums via EZDrummer and Strum Guitar from Spicey Guitar Plugin.

Lights by Ellie Goulding

Instrumental cover of Lights by Ellie Goulding.  Hope you enjoy.  

On the Floor – JLO

Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor has one catchy hook – and its a fun song to play. Again this is played with sounds from the Yamaha Motif XF6 with drums by EZDrummer. The video was done with milkdrop visualization.

Toddnam Style

It can be argued that PSY is a one hit wonder – although he is trying to be known for more than just Gangnam Style. Here is my offering into the Gangnam flurry – TODDNAM Style – played instrumentally. The video contains winamp milkdrop visualizations and the music was done solely on a Yamaha Motif…

Kansas – Dust in the Wind

Back in 2012 I was working on a new CD – but took a break to do some popular song covers. This was the first of those. I still plan to someday bundle all of these covers into a CDBABY / Spotify Album. Here is the popular song by Kansas – Dust in the Wind.…

CD Projects

Todd Lindstrom


Todd's first CD release featuring rich piano and violin melodies that bring peace to troubled times, yet with a beat and drive that sets it apart.

New Every Morning is a collection of original instrumental piano and violin selections with a distinct Christian emphasis in song title selection and corresponding scripture. In times of stress, confusion, and hectic commotion, “New Every Morning” provides peace.


Crosby Delaney-violin
Christopher Ford-drums
Barnabas Chapman-guitar
Michael Taylor (Fishes and Loaves Studio Plano TX) – mixing and mastering
Production – Crystal Clear Sound – Dallas TX

Todd Lindstrom


A selection of some of most loved Christian Christmas hymns played in a way only Todd can play them.

One morning in December, I opened the window blinds to a world of white: the first snow had fallen, frosting everything. Todd’s “Christmas Morning” CD has that same freshness. The music, like snow, sparkles, shimmers, reflects sunlight, or mellows to a soft glow. Through his exceptional talents, Todd has captured the wonders of the season.

“KZ Rod” Butler
Writer, Producer, On-Air Talent,

Todd Lindstrom


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