Posted on July 24, 2013

USMMA 2017 parents helped me with pictures of the candidates and this is my tribute to INDOC 2017.  Hope you enjoy.

INDOC is an intense 3 week boot-camp like environment where high school hotshots are turned into Plebe Candidates and taught the regimental lifestyle and everything required to succeed at the U.S Merchant Marine Academy.

Names: K Schreiber C Green B Walker D Wiegner N Gioino C George A Gallant C Hageboeck A Keane D Fleischman P Scollar B Wiese M Havenar J Mall W Wemken Stargardt Allgood D Pino S Blauw D Thorpe A Farnsworth


    • Joy Hall Gallante Wonderful job! Thank you so much!
    • Jeanetha Wemken Thank you, Todd, just beautiful!
    • Jeff Denise Walker Just amazing. Thanks for the gift of documenting a great accomplishment for all of the families.
    • Kimberly Searl George What a wonderful gift for us and our children. Thank you Todd Lindstrom!
    • Joni Mall Love it can't wait to share with Julie
    • Sharon Moynihan Schreiber Thank you so much
    • Karyn Smith Timmons Beautiful pictures of your children..may God Bless them all on this journey...thank you again Todd for putting together this wonderful montage of memories for the Class of 2017
    • Deborah Lessman-Keane Thank you so much Todd!!! I cried watching each one.
    • Glant Havenar They really are beautiful!
    • Melanie Britton So amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the personal time you put into this project!
    • Mike Thorpe What a tribute!!! It is beautiful to watch all of our courageous and strong children grow up before our eyes Thank you Todd you have created something we will cherish forever!
    • Michele McKeown Scollard Thank you so very much Todd!
    • Sharon Lally Wiegner Excellent video - thank you!
    • Phil Wiese Todd - these are absolutely incredible and very well done! What a special tribute and deserving keepsake for these dedicated students (kids...!). Wow. Thank you so much.
    • Jennifer Ucchino Todd- you have done such an outstanding job at this. I think it's just wonderful!!!!!!


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