Relaunch of

You know its really unfortunate that some web hosting services rope you in with a really low rate – and then sock it to you with a gut punch when it comes time to renew.  And did you know that many of the big hosting services are owned by the same parent company?  So if you threaten to leave – they dont care…

I have rehosted again with ehosts and hope to stay around.

Without You (David Guetta with Usher)

Without You!

My interpretation and cover of this song is that this is a tribute to that special someone in your life. It is an admission that life would be so different without him. What would I do without her? I’d flounder. This is not discounting God’s grace and provision. Rather it says that apart from God’s grace, life would be empty without you! You are that special.   Dedicated to Debbie.

sonpano [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Toddnam Style

PSY may be a one hit wonder – but it was quite a wonder with the most watched youtube download. Here is my offering into the Gangnam flurry – TODDNAM Style – played instrumentally. The video contains winamp milkdrop visualizations and the music was done solely on a Yamaha Motif XF6 with drums by EZDrummer.

Kansas Dust In the Wind

I’m taking a break from my 3rd CD (Hymns of the Reformation) to work on some covers for popular pop songs from 2011-2012.  My hope is to eventually release an online CD with all of the covers available on iTunes and CDBaby.  The first song I worked on was Dust in the Wind by Kansas – I hope you enjoy.  The first one includes lyrics for those not too familiar with the original.  The second has no lyrics and you can sing along in your head to the video.